Es Murterar in Alcudia, where energy transition is under way. | Endesa


The G20 Summit having ended in Rome, and Balearic vice-president and minister for energy transition, Juan Pedro Yllanes, believes that it has produced "too many words and no actions" for addressing climate change.

On his Twitter page, Yllanes asks how people will change their habits, invest money in electric mobility or put solar panels in their homes, "if the leaders of the G20 are not willing to promote the change of direction needed for the fight against climate change".

The minister contrasts this with the situation in the Balearics, where energy transition means that, in four years, the islands will go from a meagre 2.5% of renewable energy production to 25%.

The Balearics are "saying goodbye to coal". "The Es Murterar power station, one of the most polluting in Spain, will only operate for a few hours a year or for emergencies."

Yllanes acknowledges that there is much still to do, such as with decarbonising mobility. "Cruise ships and planes are great sources of pollutant emissions on islands highly dependent on tourism."