Sixteen per cent of the target population has yet to receive one dose of vaccine. | Europa Press


Friday's report gives 86 new positive cases of coronavirus, fifteen more than on Thursday, with 66 in Mallorca, 13 in Minorca, six in Ibiza and one in Formentera. Thursday's 71 cases were Mallorca 53, Minorca 13, Ibiza four, Formentera one.

The test rate for the 86 cases is 3.52%, whereas it was 2.44% on Thursday. The seven-day positivity test rate in the Balearics is currently 3.96%, with Mallorca at 3.28%, the lowest among the four islands.

The 14-day cumulative incidence in the Balearics is up to 93.5 from 93.0 on Thursday. In Mallorca this is 88.6, down from 89.0; Minorca up from 117.1 to 133.8; Ibiza down from 106.0 to 100.8; Formentera up from 42.0 to 50.4. The seven-day cumulative incidence in the Balearics is down from 47.46 to 46.61.

Among the age groups, the highest 14-day incidence is currently 119.11 for 30-39, followed by 113.50 for 40-49 and 101.48 for under-16s. Two municipalities are classified as extreme risk (250 incidence or more over 14 days) - Mancor de la Vall, 523.6 based on eight new cases, and Mahon in Minorca with a rate of 273.7 (81 cases). One municipality is high risk (150 incidence or more) - Alaior in Minorca on 190.1 (18 cases).

The number of Covid patients on hospital wards has risen by two to 33 - Mallorca 23 (up three), Ibiza nine (down two), and Minorca one (up from zero). The ICU Covid occupancy rate has dropped to 5.5% from 6.16% - there are 17 patients in Mallorca (down two) and two in Ibiza (no change).

Primary care in the Balearics as a whole is monitoring 1,170 people, a rise of 17, and in Mallorca 844 (21 more than on Thursday).

Since the start of the pandemic there have been 101,493 cases and 1,006 deaths - no more deaths have been reported.

The vaccination: 83.90% of the target population in the Balearics have received at least one dose - 868,245 people, 321 more than on Thursday. 82.21% have had the full course - 850,799 people, 352 more.