Two passengers from the Air Arabia Maroc flight being taken to court in Palma, Mallorca

Two of the passengers being taken to court.

14-11-2021Alejandro Sepúlveda

The investigation into the "escape" of passengers from the Air Arabia Maroc Airbus at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport is seeking to clarify if these passengers had accomplices in Mallorca.

There are aspects of what happened on Friday, November 5 that don't tie up and one is assistance from people on the island. There is evidence that some used Facebook or other social media once they had left the plane.

Four of them ended up in Marratxí, shortly before midnight. A resident of Calle Sa Comuna de Sa Cabaneta saw them and and called Marratxi police, who detained them. They had their boarding passes with them and admitted to having been on the plane. However, it is not clear why they went to Marratxi rather than to Palma in order to try and take a ferry to the mainland, as others did.

On Saturday morning, around 9am, a fifth passenger was arrested - this time in Es Figueral, Marratxi. Investigators are at present trying to reconstruct the movements of these passengers.

Meanwhile, the National Police want to talk to the plane's pilot and cabin crew chief and to expand on statements in a report provided by the airline. The police are also in close contact with the Moroccan Consulate in Palma, the Spanish ministry of the interior at the embassy in Rabat and the police and customs coordination centre in El Tarajal, Ceuta. Investigators want more information about the passengers who left the plane and those who did not, as it may have been that more had intended to leave the plane.

Clarification is also being sought as to the whether it was the doctor who attended the passenger who suffered an apparent diabetic coma who recommended a landing in Palma or if this was the exclusive decision of the pilot.


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Marvin / Hace 2 months

This reads like the police haven’t a clue and it’s ten days since it happened. This is Keystone Cop stuff. Hopeless!