Palmanova was once a key low season destination.

Palmanova was once a key low season destination.


I read with great interest an editorial piece by Richie Prior in the Bulletin of 13/11/21 relating to winter tourism and I totally agree with him . His views are drawing comparisons with Benidorm in the winter and asking the question why Benidorm can have a thriving winter season when Mallorca can’t.

I can remember the days when Magalluf was very busy in the winter with UK and Spanish pensioners. Manos was the bar where the majority congregated however Britannia,Coach and Horses and the Piano Bar all enjoyed a good winter trade.The BBC even present Songs Of Praise from Palma Nova and broadcast live from the beach.

In these days you could get flights from all regional UK airports in the winter direct to Mallorca. It now takes 8 hours to fly to Palma from Scotland as I found this week.

In the time it takes you to fly to Mallorca in the winter you can fly direct to Florida or Dubia.

To reinstate winter tourism again it essential to get the major hoteliers, the Airlines, the Councils from North and South of the island and most importantly officials from the Spanish pensioners holiday associations all round one table with a will to reinstate winter tourism.

Winter Tourism In Mallorca 1996 Style .

I’ve owned a holiday home in Mallorca from the early eighties and still have a holiday brochure from the late nineties which makes interesting reading.

Twenty Five years ago their were over 40 weekly UK flights now theirs only a handful.

Hotels were open throughout the winter in Palma, Palma Nova, Magalluf and Santa Ponsa. The winter tourists enjoyed Good Food,Christmas Markets, Sport, Sailing, Golf, and Beer & Bingo . They also shared the winter hotels with Spanish Subsidised Pensioners.

The mix of UK winter tourists and Spanish pensioners brought a lot of business to resort shops and bars and kept the hotels open. Many Brits also bought holiday homes in Mallorca and spent the winter months on the island .

Recovery Of Winter Tourism.

Personally I believe that work must start immediately to promote Palma as an exciting winter City Break Destination similar to Barcelona, Madrid,Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Prague , with weekly flights from all four UK devolved nations.It essential to bring back the Spanish pensioners to the resorts their numbers are what will initially make basic winter tourism viable.After the initial winter tourists trade is established theirs no reason why Mallorca can become the next winter Benidorm bring much needed employment to the island in the winter.

Mallorca is a very beautiful place in the winter.

Kind Regards.

Ian Rice a long time Scottish/ Mallorca resident.


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Morgan / Hace 2 months

We own a holiday house, and it's always booked year round. Surprisingly, this year, the winter bookings have been coming in fast and furious. But we've never been a favourite with British guests. It's almost exclusively continental Europeans.

Perhaps your view is just a product of looking at everything from a British perspective. It's worth pointing out that British tourism has never actually been dominant in Mallorca. The dominant tourism demographic is just carrying on as usual. Perhaps a bit more than usual as many are lustful of a getaway after the past 2 years of pent up demand.

The pandemic has been tough, but I think Mallorca will be ok. The numbers seem to testify to that.


David / Hace 2 months

Frank Your right Singapore is great. Not just Christmas all year. No where in Europe comes close to the buzz of that place. Spent 6 months working and living there in the 80s. Visited a couple of times since. Wanted to go there for the f1 bloody Covid stopped that. Maybe next year along with Maria’s place in Mallorca hopefully…


Frank / Hace 2 months

I am not going to lie, I have spent four of the last 5 Christmases and New Years in Mallorca. The only good one was the one in the UK. People in the UK go mad at Christmas, parties, booze, lights, cold weather and log fires, pubs, roasts etc. In Palma its all a bit tame and boring. A lot of restaurants close. It's more religious but it's also very underwhelming. Half hearted light displays, no christmas themes in shops, no free mulled wine, hardly any christmas trees. I don't know if its because Mallorcans are relatively poor (Christmas in Singapore is great) but I know where i'm spending Christmas this year and it isn't on the Passeig del Born


David / Hace 2 months

Mark My friend Maria who is a 3rd generation owner of a hotel on the island begs to differ. We joked at a post made of Maria and her daughter swimming in the sea on my birthday on the 4th of December while i stared at the snow at home the previous year. Maria stated she would extend the hotel’s season if the flights ran. She also complained at the the lack of direct flights to non Spanish hubs during the winter.


Mark / Hace 2 months

Good thing Mallorca doesn't just rely on the Brits. Plenty of flight to the rest of the EU. So no worries.


Peter / Hace 2 months

No open hotels no flights, no flights no open hotels, hmm who'd have thought, and really what is there to do on the island in winter, just asking.