Un parque fotovoltaico cubrirá el 33 % del consumo de los trenes de SFM.

MALLORCA. FERROCARRILES. Un parque fotovoltaico cubrirá el 33 % del consumo de los trenes de SFM. Un paso más. La electrificación de toda la red ferroviaria de Mallorca, hace poco más de dos años y medio, supuso un avance fundamental al prescindir de los tradicionales convoyes con gasoil, mucho más caro y mucho más contaminante. Ahora se da otro pasoimportante con el uso de una energía renovable para alimentara los trenes.


This is the age of the train, according to the Balearic government, which revived plans this morning to link Alcudia with Palma via rail.

In ambitious plans presented this morning a rail link will be built between Sa Pobla and Alcudia and then on to the port. An initial 1.5 million euros has been put aside for the project. The public transport plan is even more ambitious, according to the government. The train will also be linked to the Cuidadella ferry which leaves from Puerto Alcudia. The theory is that you will be able travel Palma to Minorca by train and ferry.

The government is also looking at the possibility of extending the train network to Arta as well.


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Marvin / Hace about 1 month

If this actually happens it would be a great infrastructure investment and fantastic for Alcudia. But considering all the issues it faced years ago resulting in its eventual abandonment, I’ll not hold my breath.