The Christmas lights will be switched on on November 24. | Julian Aguirre


Palma town hall is spending 983,000 euros on this year's Christmas lights and decorations. In addition, 93,400 euros are to be spent on the show to accompany the switching-on of the lights and on others.

Councillor for infrastructure, Angelica Pastor, says that all the lights will be switched on at 8pm on November 24. "More than 4,200 lighting elements have been placed in the streets; 1,074 trees have been illuminated; and there are light tents once more in Plaça Cort and Plaça Major. The Christmas tree is returning to the Parc de la Mar and there will also be ten-metre-high trees in the Parc de Ses Estacions and along the Jaume III avenue.

The cost of the lights is 161,000 euros more than last year, as new elements have been added and more streets are included, especially in the neighbourhoods.

Alberto Jarabo, the councillor for citizen participation, says that shows will begin on the 24th and will continue over the weekend in different parts of the city. The switching-on "will not only welcome Christmas, but also give hope of a return to normality, albeit that we are still in a pandemic and subject to some restrictions".