Mark Gisbourne In Fornalutx with work by Francesca Martí.

Mark Gisbourne In Fornalutx with work by Francesca Martí.

19-11-2021Pilar Pellicer

Renowned Art world figure visits Mallorca

Renowned Art world figure, Mark Gisbourne is in Mallorca for a meeting with Contemporary Art professionals, such as Professor Dieter Ronte, Critic and former Director of several European Museums, Johann Nowak, former Director of Casal Solleric, Pilar Ribal and Head of international magazine, Fernando Prince.

The meeting is being hosted by Artist Francesca Martí and Gary Hill, with whom she exhibits her ‘Explode the Code’ collection at the DNA gallery in Berlin.

The atmosphere surrounding the meeting has been described as formidable.

“This stage is incredible,” says Gisbourne. "The nature and atmosphere in this area gives me an energy that I love."

"We have prepared this meeting to get to know each other, share our vision of art and learn about our work,” adds Martí.

“There are two types of artists; those who produce an effect and those who generate an affect. Francesa Martí generates emotion,” says Gisbourne.


"It's very difficult for young people starting out in the world of contemporary art today. When I was born there were many definite movements but today we live in a very fragmented world,” stresses Gisbourne.

Given this problem, there is a constant debate on whether the quality of the work has been affected.

"Yes and no. If your mentality is conservative you will have a more distant opinion, but if you have a more progressive mind you will find different points of interest in new jobs,” he says. "For example, the new baroque picks up some features of classical baroque and leads it in new directions."

Gisbourne has studied various artists and cultures throughout history.

"It doesn't make sense when they say that artists of one era copy the previous ones. Everyone lives in a different time and context, nothing is the same,” states Gisbourne, who's travelled all over the world, but is considered a 'European curator'.

“Spanish art does not exist as a concept in the face of the globalised world we live in,” he adds. “They are artists who make their art in Spain and have that Spanish sensibility, that happens in every country in the world. “

“A work can generate different sensations depending on the moment and the place,” says Gisbourne. “A work by Picasso in Malaga may be different if you look at it in Paris. You can never see a play for the first time twice."


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