Stocks of toys are fine for now. | Pere Bergas


The general problem with supply and worries about shortages have led families in Mallorca to do their Christmas toy buying earlier than usual. In Palma, toy stores agree that some items will sell out faster than other years. Even so, they say that there is no need to panic - their shelves will still be stocked full of toys.

At one store, La Industrial, they started preparing for Christmas in September, when they wouldn't normally do so until the end of October. Suppliers warned them that there could be problems and that these could result in higher prices, but one of the owners - Neus Aguiló - is confident that the shelves won't be empty. Nevertheless, for specific toys, it is best to buy well ahead.

At Juguettos, they say that shipments are being delayed but that they will arrive. Like previous years, new favourites will sell out and it may be mid-December before they are restocked. But this has usually been the case.

Head of communication for El Corte Inglés, Toni Sánchez, says: "It's unlikely that we will have any major problems until mid-December. After then, we're not sure what will happen. The situation will also depend on the impact of Black Friday. Around this time every year there are certain star products that are more difficult to get hold of. There will be fewer stocks of technological products, such as the new games consoles, which are in great demand, but this would happen any year."