Twenty per cent - expected to be a generally applied discount. | Daniel Espinosa


Retailers in Mallorca and the Balearics are optimistic about Black Friday, despite distribution problems with some electronic products and the pandemic. Antoni Gayà, the president of the Afedeco retailers association, says that after months when shops were closed, people are back out on the streets and are buying "without fear".

However, he recognises that the situation "is still not great". This said, it is "better than a few months ago", the change having come about because of the easing of Covid restrictions.

Gayà reckons that discounts will be "more normal than years ago, between 20 and 30 per cent." Toni Fuster of the other association for smaller retailers, Pimeco, agrees - "there will not be such aggressive discounts". Black Fridays in the past have seen discounts of up to 75%.

The two associations highlight the shortage of electronic products, but they believe that clothing, most of which comes from Spanish suppliers, will not be affected. Fuster is hopeful of a good Black Friday. "It will be better than in 2020, but that wouldn't be difficult."

One of the large retailers, El Corte Inglés, is also optimistic. This Black Friday will be better than last year and sales may even exceed those of 2019.

Meanwhile, the Balearic health ministry will be taking advantage of the shopping days by moving its 'Vacubús' to FAN Mallorca Shopping. The vaccination bus will be at the mall from November 22 to 28.