The Balearic message is get vaccinated. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The Balearic government spokesperson, Iago Negueruela, said today that the 20 percent of the Balearic population which has yet to get vaccinated “has no excuse not to have done so by now”.

After this morning’s weekly meeting of the Balearic cabinet, Negueruela, said that the government are monitoring Covid developments in Europe extremely closely and he admitted that there is mounting concern about the “tough measures” which are being reintroduced in countries such as Holland, Austria and Germany.

Negueruela, who is also the Minister for Tourism, was quick to point out that in the various countries currently having to tackle a sharp spike, the vaccination levels are much lower than in Spain and the Balearics, but he stressed that no one can afford to let their guard down and that vaccination is key, especially if the Balearics wants to enjoy the festive season relatively restriction-free.

And, to drive that message home he called on the population, in paricular those who have not been vaccinated to be “responsible and think about the well-being of society in general. Show some solidarity.” Negueruela said that just over 80 percent of the target population in the Balearics has been vaccinated and, as a result, the pressure on the health service is “under control”, but he wants to keep it that way.

But, he said that the government, for the moment, is not planning on ramping up restrictions, if anything it will just raise levels of alert such as in Minorca. “Last year we were not vaccinated for neither Black Friday nor the Bank Holidays in the run up to Christmas, this year we are, so that is why we’re not talking about restrictions.” he said.