Latest figures from the National Statistics Institute show that hotels in the Balearics had an average occupancy of 56% in October.

There were 3.9 million overnight stays, 23 times more than in October 2020, but the 2021 figure was 32% lower than that of 2019, when there were 5.8 million overnight stays. By contrast with September, there was a 25.4% decrease in overnight stays and a 23.8% decrease in the number of guests.

Hotels had 754,862 guests, up from 65,000 last year but below the one million in 2019. The vast majority of these guests - 614,979 - were foreign visitors. The Balearics were second behind the Canary Islands in terms of the number of foreign tourists.

Between September and October, 243 hotels closed. In October, 779 hotels remained open. There were 221 in October 2020 and 1,049 in 2019.

By tourist area, Mallorca had the highest number of overnight stays in the whole of Spain - some 3.2 million.

The hotel price index in the Balearics increased by 21.5% compared to 2020. In absolute terms, the Balearics had the highest index. The average daily rate was 95.95 euros, 22% more than last year and the second highest after the Canaries with 110 euros.