People eating & drinking in a restaurant.

People eating & drinking in a restaurant. archive photo.

24-11-2021Ultima Hora

The Balearic President, Francina Armengol says she’s in favour of expanding the use of the Covid Passport to the Hospitality Industry and that the Government is already studying how to make it work.

"It is the best measure to control infections in complicated and risky areas,” she said. “We are committed to control, not restrictions and will work with Municipalities and Councils to make sure that the certificate expansion is decided by consensus and with the endorsement of the courts.”

Earlier Employers and Union Reps in the Balearic Islands called for Covid Passport use to be expanded to avoid further restrictions.

The Covid Digital Passport confirms that a person has been vaccinated, recovered from the disease in the previous 6 months or has tested negative for Covid-19.

CAEB, PIMEM, the CCOO and UGT agreed to expanding the Covid Certificate after hearing that the Central Government intends to bring back capacity and closing time limitations in the Catering and Nightlife Sectors, if the epidemiological situation deteriorates.

Covid Digital Certificate.

The Balearic Government says it has no plans to impose new restrictions.

In the Balearic Islands, a Covid passport is mandatory to gain entry to discos and nightclubs. The ruling was authorised by the Superior Court of Justice and if the use of the passport is extended to other Sectors, that process will have to be repeated.

"We are ready to open the debate to restrict access to some areas via the health certificate," said PIMEM President, Jordi Mora. "It makes no sense to apply the same measures to everyone and impose sectoral restrictions when more than 80% of the target population is fully vaccinated."

Mora pointed out that more analysis was required in order to decide which other Sectors should require a Covid passport.

"If new measures are to be adopted, the use of the health certificate must be expanded,” agreed CAEB President, Carmen Planas, who did not specify which Sectors it should be applied to.

CCOO General Secretary, José Luis García, stressed that the union is not in favour of bringing back restrictions and that vaccinated people should be allowed to access certain spaces. He also said that expanding the use of the Covid passport to other Sectors could help to encourage those who are not vaccinated to get their jabs and urged people to continue wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing.

"After so much effort by society the most reasonable thing to do is extend the use of the Covid certificate, which is also a way to encourage vaccination,” added UGT Secretary General, Lorenzo Navarro.

“The Central Government's plans for new restrictions have generated fear in the Sector and resulted in the cancellation of group meal reservations in the coming weeks,” said CAEB Restauración President, Alfonso Robledo, who urged people to get vaccinated. “The Covid passport is better than more restrictions. A new closure would ruin the Sector.”


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