Packages to New York from summer 2022. | Frédéric Prochasson

With United Airlines due to start flying direct to Palma from New York in June next year, companies within the Aviba travel agencies association in the Balearics will be offering tourist packages to the United States.

The Aviba president, Francesc Mulet, says that packages will include roundtrip flights, accommodation in tourist hotels (two and three stars) and airport transfers. Prices will start at 1,400 euros for eight days and on a hotel accommodation basis. Roundtrip flights, without accommodation, will cost 500 euros. "Based on these amounts, visitors will be able to choose a hotel, area and extras, which would increase the cost of the package."

Mulet adds that agencies have been getting requests for packages. Companies are therefore finalising the details and the range of offers, such as excursions in and around New York.

The Council of Mallorca's tourism councillor, Andreu Serra, says that the Council is giving its full support to initiatives to promote this type of travel to the US. Co-marketing with United Airlines will encourage bookings for the US.

He explains that the objective is to consolidate the New York route and to "build loyalty to the North American market". Agreements will be entered into with United Airlines. With the support of Spain's national tourism agency, Turespaña, the Council will be looking to develop the route so that it isn't just for June to September.