Jorge Dezcallar has joined the debate. | @PalmaXXI

The Platform Against Mega-Cruise Ships is launching a publicity campaign to highlight the opinions of prominent individuals who have questioned the current level of cruise-ship activity in Palma.

One of these individuals is the Palma-born former Spanish Ambassador to the United States, Jorge Dezcallar. He says that "the debate on the limits of tourism is very healthy". This is because citizens should have an opinion on issues that affect their lives. It is a debate, he notes, being had in other cities, such as Barcelona, Dubrovnik and Venice.

Dezcallar is in favour of limiting cruise ships in Palma "in order to avoid congestion". He draws attention to pollution and to the visual impact. "We are the ones who have to decide how many cruise ships visit us and at what rate. Not the owners of these lines."

Among others, the platform includes the environmentalists GOB, the Palma Federation of Residents Associations and the Palma XXI association.