POLLENÇA. Ca n¿Escarrintxo podría albergar la primera sala pública cubierta de conciertos. El regidor Mateu Soler observa el mapa sobre el que los vecinos proyectaron sus ideas. | E. BALLESTERO

Pollensa town hall duly held its ‘Imagine Ca n’Escarrintxo’ participatory day last weekend. Around a hundred people turned up and let their imagine fly as to what to do with the old football pitch and adjoining land, which the town hall doesn’t actually own at present but intends purchasing.

A leading contender among the one hundred was a “municipal indoor concert hall”. This was felt to be a good option because the town hall doesn’t have such a space. Club Pollença can be used, but concerts are typically outdoors at the Sant Domingo Cloister.

This idea may not envisage something as grand, but does it not sound a bit similar to the auditorium project that was scrapped years ago? That plan, when announced in March 2006, was for a building with an 800 audience capacity that would have cost some eight million euros.

But if not comparison with the auditorium scheme, then what about plans for the old cinema? Isn’t that supposed to have room for some 450 people?