Irish barrister Ciarán McCollum

Ciarán McCollum.

04-12-2021Humphrey Carter

Ciarán McCollum BL first came to Mallorca when he was just a year old and has been visiting the island ever since. He is now based in Mallorca and is deeply concerned about the impact that the Covid restrictions, especially now that Covid passports have been introduced, are going to have on local businesses and society at large as the fight against Covid moves forward.

Ciarán studied Law and German in Dublin and Berlin and has since practised law in Germany and France. Since the pandemic hit, he has been actively involved in discussions with MEPs and other politicians about how European governments are handling the health crisis and the legality of certain steps which have been taken, such as the introduction of Covid passports. He and a group of lawyers and MEPs are currently looking into the legal implications of the latest decisions taken by EU governments.

He is also deeply concerned about the lack of questioning of the decisions by society and in particular the media at large, and he would like to see a more open debate taking place about what is happening and how we are being “encouraged” to lead our lives.

Since moving to Mallorca he has become particularly worried about the impact the restrictions have had and will continue to have on local businesses, in particular to small to medium sized enterprises. “In the interests of business, the Balearic government has secured judicial permission to introduce a requirement to show proof of your medical condition before entering certain public places.

“With all the best will in the world for the island’s leaders at this testing time, the idea is foolhardy. Unless your name is Bezos or Zuckerberg, the medical pass will damage if not destroy your business alongside human dignity.

“I am an Irish barrister. My family have holidayed on this lovely island since before I was born. I worked in France and studied in Germany. I know the languages of those two countries, adore their culture and visit regularly. Thus, with some authority, I can speak of the situation in three nations (Ireland, France and Germany) which have already introduced the unfortunate measure known in some jurisdictions as a medical pass.

“As a democrat, I find this document repellent. The idea of separating people based on whether or not they have undergone a supposedly voluntary medical procedure is, to put it mildly, unethical. Sadly, as stated by former UK Supreme Court justice Lord Sumption, at this point in human history ‘the moral dimension (has been) forgotten’.

“Thus any complaint of injustice will be met with the immediate reply that this unpleasantness is necessary to combat the pandemic. This is the contention I wish to address, for this measure is not necessary and, what is more, the suggestion that it can in any way ameliorate the situation is proven nonsense.

“Why not look at the countries where it has already been introduced, such as Ireland, France and Germany: How are they faring? Are the ‘numbers’ under control? No. They are experiencing outbreaks worse than countries and regions, such as parts of Spain and about a dozen American States, making do without medical segregation.

“Ireland’s regime has been in place since July, and yet restrictions on business have been reintroduced within a fortnight of being lifted. Such is the level of paranoia in my homeland now, that one university wishes to enforce the student mask mandate using CCTV.

“The French ‘pass sanitaire’ was introduced at the beginning of June. Despite the gendarmes making quite the show of inspecting the papers of citizens relaxing on cafe terraces, cases are on the rise and, as sure as night follows day, restrictions are being ramped up.

“Meanwhile, Germany, where the new pass requirement is often enforced with perhaps predictable enthusiasm, is returning to lockdown and has promised to get tough on the non-vaccinated. The Federal Republic follows in the footsteps of its neighbours, Austria and the Netherlands, where partial confinement is already in place and the police have shot at protesters.

“Austria even tried putting the unvaccinated under house arrest before, one week later and tail between the legs, going into full lockdown!

“How could this be? It’s tragically simple. As known to doctors and admitted by British PM Boris Johnson, the vaccine prevents neither infection nor transmission. So, the medical pass brings no greater control and does not prevent lockdown. On the contrary it presages further restrictions and furious discord in society. Fear and panic increase not because of the invisible virus, but because of the glaringly visible paper requirement introduced by well-meaning politicians.

“Moreover, by so seriously disturbing society, the medical pass makes people sick. How can I say that with confidence? Well, we all know the consequences of stress: your health deteriorates. The pass is a guarantee of increased stress every day for the whole population. This is also a direct and indirect consequence of the occasional violence and daily aggression which the Balearic government is inviting to its pleasant shores.

“This would tend to bring one back to the legal argument which has recently become inconvenient. The riots we are seeing are a result of discrimination and frustration.

“Tell a proportion of the population that they are no longer entitled to shop, eat out, drink, socialise and in any way enjoy their lives without undergoing a medical procedure they do not wish for, inject some disruption to business, and you yourself will see red, whichever side you are on. Take one small local cinema in Swansea, now threatened with closure, which has received over 50,000 GBP in public support. Note that I said whichever side you find yourself on: don’t forget that there are two to every divide. The pass-carrying population will also be angry at the naysayers (whether vaccinated or not) for not complying.

“Finally, consider the situation of hospitality. What makes Mallorca an attractive prospect The vista of a wide open bar with a wide open terrace onto a wide open sea. Where in this picture can you see a masked, gloved, nervous waitress accosting a jolly visitor in order to examine his medical papers? It is simply ludicrous. No one in the real world wants to see this, which only serves to further boost the profits of non-real world, i.e. online, concerns. Yes, Amazon, Facebook, Google et al are only happy for the chaos to continue, and for consumers to remain happily plonked on the sofa (if they are indeed happy) and locked to their screens.

“Why invite this level of pointless acrimony into your home? The answer, I suspect, is desperation. Businesses are crying out for help, politicians feel they must answer. Well, answer, but for God’s sake do not make the situation worse. We can learn from Gilbraltar, which is 100% vaccinated and has cancelled Christmas after another outbreak.

“We are two years into this. We must be adults and accept reality. The virus will spread and people will die, as they have always done and always will. Heed Lord Sumption who writes: ‘Those who refuse to be vaccinated may be unwise, perhaps selfish. But if they are not even allowed to decide what medical procedures they will undergo and what drugs they receive into their own bodies, then there is not much left of their autonomy as human beings. The way is wide open to despotism and unending social discord.’

“Rather than sowing discord, the islands’ leaders should devote their efforts to improving people’s health and promoting free commerce. So please: protect the island’s business, protect its population, protect its magic and uphold the rule of democratic law. Do not introduce this measure. Stop attacking the heart of island life, just to be seen to be doing something.

“I am grateful to Toby Young and the team at the Daily Sceptic ( Early on, his website was one of the few sources of critical information and I am proud that my writing has appeared there.

“The EU Observer published my criticism of the EU Covid pass on 28 April:

“It was read by MEPs (tweeted for example by veteran Michele Rivasi MEP), republished on several sites (including the Daily Sceptic) and widely translated and shared on social media, e.g. by the American journalist Taylor Hudak (

“I hope this serves to hopefully make some people stop and think about where we are at and where we are being taken.”


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Juan / Hace about 1 month

Spot on tranq. Unfortunately nowadays, it seems like people would rather stick their fingers in their ears and pretend something isn't happening than to actually deal with it, and then post countless, moronic sheep memes to show how "individual" they all are.

Freedom of speech is certainly no substitute for freedom of thought.


James / Hace about 1 month

@tranq. The problem with the mainstream media and the one sided story you are probably eating like a slice of cake. Is! All climate change scientists or anti vax doctors are silenced. That Is not how science works. Science works by debating data. If we are going to treat science as a one size fits all approach and anybody that goes against a government narrative is wrong. That isn't science, that communism. Listen to me shut up and question nothing is communism.


tranq / Hace about 1 month

Judging by the likes and dislikes below it seems the anti-vaxers are numerous here which is worrying. I always thought the world we live in was based on education and science which go hand in hand. If I had a brain tumour I would go to a brain surgeon. If my crops were failing I would consult a botanist. The world vaccine programme is based on science from scientists, I do not see or hear legions of disgruntled scientists saying no no no you have got it all wrong. Of coure I can troll the internet and find an anti vax scientist, just like I can find a climate change denier but these people are not the majority, they are on the fringes. Millions or people have been vaccinated and are not dying like flies. If you think the science and scientists are all wrong then it must be time to go back to the cave and start again.


James / Hace about 1 month

22 positives likes proves the world is not an evil place. Let's not allow the media or governments to divide us ots exactly what they want. Divide and conquer.


Humphrey / Hace about 1 month

Thanks James but the interview was not cut and paste it was 10 days of interview


Jerry / Hace about 1 month

Thanks for posting this as an alternative view to the normal density of the other narrative MajorcaDaily. I hope that we can have a more even and open dialogue like this in the future to give folks more information to choose what they wish to do!

@Kelly - I do believe that he referenced the countries that are 100% and ~90% vaccinated as examples of the unfortunate failure. We have all always asked for examples and always good to do so. We are now armed with real life examples of Ireland, Portugal and Gibraltar as what didn't end up working and going back to the same situations. We must come up with a new playbook that fits us all.

@James - I think this was a great one to share to be compassionate to both 'sides' of this argument. Thanks for sharing.


James / Hace about 1 month

Copied & pasted ❤ This is IMPORTANT👇

The vaccinated people are scared. They’re scared to get COVID. They’re scared someone they love might get it and possibly die from it. They were worried they might not get to travel again or see their international families.

They’re not ignorant or ‘sheeple’ (I loathe that term) - they feel like they’re doing the right thing for themselves and the people around them. This may not have been an easy choice. Unfortunately they might have felt obligated to do so. They might have been scared they may lose their job. They might have been scared to get the needle. While you may not agree with them, it’s important to understand WHY these people have made their choice. You may think they’re wrong, but I’m sure you’ve felt scared and afraid before. It feels terrible. We need to have compassion and empathy for people making a hard choice that’s different than yours.

The unvaccinated people are also scared. They’re not inconsiderate monsters who thought “I’m going to try to screw over the rest of the people and not get my vaccine.” They’re worried about long term side affects. They’re worried about their immune systems. They’re afraid of how much the government is stepping in on their personal choices, freedoms and rights. They’re scared they might end up with Bells Palsy, myocarditis, shingles, blood clots, a miscarriage, a heart attack, heart palpitations, profuse unending vomiting, an autoimmune disease activation or death. They’re worried they might never see their international families again. They’re not ignorant ‘antivaxxers’ or ‘conspiracy theorists’ It would be easier to get the shot. It would be nice to win a million dollars or get paid $100. But they’re too scared to do so. It isn’t easy to say no to the shot. While you may not agree with them, it’s important to understand WHY these people have made their choice. You may think they’re wrong, but I’m sure you’ve felt scared and afraid before. It feels terrible. We need to have compassion and empathy for people making a hard choice that’s different than yours.

This is NOT the time to turn on each other. It is never the time to do that.

Stop the divide.

Come together with compassion, empathy, understanding, patience and forgiveness.

Take a moment to listen without judgement.

Take time to understand where the others are coming from.

Everyone is doing their best.

Lashing out and placing blame will only make things worse.

Shaming is not the way to change someone’s mind.

Understanding why and having compassion is our only choice.

Choose kindness, always.


Chrissie / Hace about 1 month

Finally a voice of sanity in the Bulletin, thanking you so much for it. The whole covid insanity is causing a thousand times more harm than it is intended to do good. Mankind thinks it can only survive with experimental jabs from Pfizer from now on. I personally know people who have nearly been killed, and are now permanently handicapped after the vaccine. In the official European database by EMA are, as of Nov 20th 2021, 31000 deaths after vaccination, and 500000 severely and often permanently injured.

Whoever thinks he needs the vax should take it, and let all others leave (old) normal lives. "Reduction of hospitalisation or sever covid" has even nowhere been scientifically proven. It is just the last defense of these politicians who are destroying society.


Kelly / Hace about 1 month

I am sympathetic to the concerns of government creep. Yet this gentleman blithely ignores the low vaccination rates in the countries he holds as examples of the failure of controls and uses Boris Johnson as his authority for vax efficacy. That makes a nonsense of his argument. Vaccines do help keep people out of hospital.