Es Trenc Restaurant in Mallorca

Es Trenc Restaurant, facing demolition.

09-12-2021Pedro Aguiló Mora

The Es Trenc Restaurant, which was built decades ago, is within the dunes system of what is now the Es Trenc Nature Park. Under the management plan for the park, an objective of which is "comprehensive protection", the restaurant will have to go.

Llorenç Mas, the Balearic government's director general for natural spaces, says that conserving the dunes system is essential to protect the beach. Therefore, all building within the protection zone must go.

The restaurant's website refers to the restaurant being "in the middle of paradise" and on the seafront. It is in an area for which the Costas Authority has responsibility and has a concession from the Costas. Mas explains that the government will respect this concession and will wait until it expires before initiating proceedings to demolish the restaurant.

Mas admits that he doesn't know when the concession ends. But whenever this is, he says that the owners will have to pay for the demolition work and for restoration of the natural space. If the company refuses to do this or delays doing so, the environment ministry will go ahead and pass all costs on to the owners.


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Stephen / Hace about 1 month

Talk about a joke this is politics gone mad why does this very popular and very good BUISNESS need to be pulled down and if as they say it must go then the council/government SHOULD pay for it was it built wrongly by the owners, do they want to move, NO so why should they pay, let those that say it is causing problems with the dunes pay for it to go. Mr Leavers asked in another article today if UK politics were a JOKE well the POLITICS of this idea are a JOKE