Rising number of cases.

Rising number of cases.


The Balearic Ministry for Health reported 2,362 new cases of Covid for the Public Holiday period (December 4 to December 8) putting even greater pressure on the Balearic government to introduce new restrictions.

The number of Covid cases has been rising dramatically over the last week.

The Balearic health ministry's Thursday report indicates 303 new positive cases of coronavirus - 295 in Mallorca and eight in Ibiza. The ministry reported 530 cases on Wednesday - 420 in Mallorca, 62 in Minorca and 48 in Ibiza. The lower number on Thursday will reflect a lack of testing on Wednesday, which was a public holiday.

The test rate for the 303 cases is 11.1%. No test rate was reported on Wednesday for the 530 cases. This was 11.63% on Tuesday, when there were 288 cases, also a lower figure because of Monday's holiday.

On hospital wards, there are 123 Covid patients - Mallorca 110, Ibiza nine, Minorca four. On Tuesday, when the ministry last gave an update, there were 110 Covid patients - Mallorca 96, Ibiza ten, Minorca four.

In intensive care, there are two more Covid patients than on Tuesday - 29 in Mallorca (three more), five in Minorca and none in Ibiza (down one). The ICU Covid occupancy rate is up from 9.3% to 9.9%.

Primary care in the Balearics is monitoring 5,541 people, 485 more than on Tuesday. The number in Mallorca is up 404 to 4.370.

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 109,227 cases and 1,032 deaths - the ministry has confirmed one more death.

As for vaccination, 884,983 people have had at least one dose (85.52% of the target population). This number is 1,245 more than on Tuesday. With the complete course, there are 864,024 people (83.49%), 899 more.


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Rich / Hace about 1 month

Fascism/communism are creeping up on us and the vast majority are sucking it up like lemonade on a hot day.


Adam / Hace about 1 month

New restrictions would be really good would also help the tourism sector which has been absolutely killed by the corona pandemic ! main thing is that the politicians get paid maybe they will ask for an increase with the impact of INFLATION !


Sail / Hace about 1 month

more Scaremongering from daily scare bulletin. cases down from the numbers you are printing. Print out the ages of the ICU admissions(how many beds in the ICU? up 0.006%) and hospital admissions (DOWN). 1032 deaths from over 109,227 0.01% all deaths are unfortunate but can we have ages printed of deaths and underlying health issues ? How have we come to this scaremongering hogwash everyday to SCARE SOCIETY? it is winter colds&flus weather. Government subsidises your scaremongering paper. shameful 2 years of this: Pandemic definition is what ? when you see everyone sick and coughing daily.. I've seen none of it for two years and anyone else see the 99%population ill ?