The National Police have been tracking down the assailants. | Policia Nacional

The National Police have arrested seven minors and one eighteen-year-old in connection with a vicious assault that took place on June 12 this year.

The events, on the C. Oms in Palma around 11.30pm, were partially captured by residents who were shouting at the youths to stop the attack. A couple saw that the youths were attempting to break in to a shop and attempted to intervene. The man and woman were surrounded, and he was punched to the ground, kicked and left unconscious. The woman was also attacked. but her injuries were less serious than those of her partner, who suffered various fractures.

Videos of the events have finally enabled the police's homicide squad to track down some of the youths; there were up to 15 or 20 in all. One is understood to be on the run from police in another country.