Test rate is high at present. | Efe

The Balearic government has given a figure of 554 new positive cases of coronavirus on Sunday. These are 179 fewer than the 733 reported on Saturday.

Of the 554, 450 are in Mallorca. A test rate of 11.59% has been reported from 4,788 tests. The Saturday test rate was 13.42%.

The health ministry does not publish detailed reports at the weekend, so information is limited to new cases and test rate. This information, more or less accurate, is subject to later verification. In this regard, it would appear as if the number of cases on Saturday was 746 and not 733.

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On Friday, there were 138 Covid patients on wards (125 in Mallorca) and 34 in intensive care (Mallorca 29). The 14-day cumulative incidence for the Balearics was 392.3.