Marc Fosh is a Michelin Star - yet again!

Marc Fosh is a Michelin Star - yet again!

30-03-2019Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter - ARCHIVO

The leading British chef in Spain, Marc Fosh, who has been based in Majorca for 25 years now, has maintained his Michelin Star for the eighth consecutive year.

The 2022 Michelin Guide to Spain and Portugal was presented on Tuesday night in Valencia and Marc, who has been writing a culinary column for the Bulletin for 20 years, maintained the star for his Palma establishment, Restaurant Marc Fosh, which he first won there eight years ago.

His won his first Michelin Star in Majorca 20 years ago while working at Read’s Hotel in Santa Maria.

“I am very happy and extremely proud of the excellent team I have,” Marc said yesterday.

And Marc was not the only chef in Majorca celebrating on Tuesday night. The restaurant Voro was a two-star winner.

According to the Michelin Guide “the dishes from Andalusian chef Álvaro Salazar are Mediterranean creations that are free and unbound with a subtle matching of textures and undertones”.
The restaurant, which is located in the Park Hyatt Hotel in Canayamel, had already picked up one star in the 2020 edition.

And a number of other leading chefs were awarded one star, although there was disappointment for Es Racó d’es Teix and chef Josef Sauerschell who lost their star.
Ibiza was also recognised for its oustanding gastronomy with a Michelin Star being awarded to La Gaia, by Óscar Molina. The restaurant is located in the Ibiza Gran Hotel.

Mallorca's Michelin Star restaurants

Voro. Chef Álvaro Salazar.

Adrián Quetglas. Chef Adrián Quetglas.
Andreu Genestra. Chef Andreu Genestra.
Dins Santi Taura. Chef Santi Taura.
Maca de Castro. Chef Macarena de Castro.
Marc Fosh. Chef Marc Fosh.
Es Fum. Chef Miguel Navarro.
Bens d’Avall. Chefs Benet y Jaume Vicens.
Zaranda. Chef Fernando P. Arellano.


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