Christmas celebration of the El PI party | Laura Becerra

The political parties of the Balearic Islands have decided to suspend all Christmas get togethers as a preventive measure to avoid concentrations of people in the middle of the sixth wave of the pandemic.

For the PSIB, there will be no dinner either of the socialists of the Balearic Islands or of those of Mallorca. Podemos points out that it has decided to postpone celebrations at least until the next session, which begins in February and then it will be decided according to the situation.

In the case of the PP, the 'Populares' of the Islands have followed the lead of the national president of the party, Pablo Casado, who has asked the regional leaderships to avoid holding any kind of party to avoid the possible spread of infections.

Vox will also not hold a celebration this yearand Més never usually have a Christmas party anyway.

The only party that will have held a celebration is El PI, which organised a Christmas lunch two weeks ago.