Richard Rogers at the inauguration of ParcBit. | T. Monserrat

Richard Rogers, who died on Saturday at the age of 88, was the architect for the ParcBit technology park in Palma.

In January 1996, he signed the contract for what was described at the time as an avant-garde and ecological development. He had won an international competition for what was initially referred to as Elit, a park dedicated to information technology research.

He explained that it would be a project about "understanding the needs of people in the future and minimising energy consumption and reducing pollution". The park would be somewhere "to live, work, study and enjoy leisure without travelling long distances".

The project was based on efficiency, with low energy consumption assisted by solar power, and other features such as rainwater collection.

He was present in 2002 for the inauguration of a project which, in terms of the current emphasis on sustainability, was ahead of its time in Mallorca.