No more new marinas. | Gori Vicens

The general plan for Balearic ports that are the responsibility of the regional Ports IB authority has aroused a good deal of criticism, environmentalists arguing that certain proposals are contrary to the authority's stated aims regarding sustainability.

The government says that 60% of submissions made by various organisations have been considered and it insists that "the plan follows criteria of sustainability and the democratisation of access to the sea, as well as the preservation of traditional boats". "Only the rationalisation and optimisation of existing resources are envisaged, without new ports or expansion, as well as adaptation of infrastructure to the effects of climate change."

Under the plan, there are proposals regarding "irregular" anchoring - some 1,500 cases. The aim is to eliminate the majority of these. The Costas Authority is to be asked to facilitate a maximum of 324. There will therefore be a total of 710 - 386 which are already regulated, plus the 324.

For the next fifteen years, the plan envisages a total of 625 new moorings to be added to the current 13,321 moorings. These new moorings will optimise space at existing marinas and will be for traditional boats powered in a sustainable fashion (sail or electric).

In 2017, the government archived requests for new marinas and for expansion. Further requests followed, and these will also be discarded. In all, these entailed up to 5,500 moorings, but the plan will only allow 625.