The accused was arrested by agents of the National Police and charged with an alleged crime of sexual abuse. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

Agents of the National Police have arrested an Ecuadorian man, 38 years old, for sexually abusing three of his friends after a night of partying in Palma. The facts happened a few days ago at a home in the Balearic capital, when three men requested the police presence to denounce one of their friends, whom they accuse of being a person "of perverse and sexual character".

According to sources close to the case, the four friends spent most of the night having drinks and partying on Palma's Paseo Maritimo. Around three in the morning, the now arrested man told the rest of the group that he was tired and that he was going home to rest. The four friends said goodbye and continued to party without any incident.

The members of the group are neighbours and reside in two adjoining houses. A few hours later, the boys arrived home and went to bed. Two of them went into the same bed and the third into another room. At midnight, the man who had left the party and who had been sleeping alone in his house, entered his neighbours' house. Once inside the property, he entered the room of one of the friends, sat on the bed and began to touch himself in a sexual manner while he watched the man sleeping.

A few minutes later, the defendant went into the other room where, without saying a word, he began to sexually assault his other roommates. Both thought they had dreamt it, but then woke up and reproached him for his action. They then reported him to the police.