The old prison will be student accommodation. | Pere Bota

Jaume Carot, the rector of the University of the Balearic Islands, has confirmed that the new hall of residence will be at the old provincial prison, which is located at the end of C. Alfons el Magnànim in Palma.

There has been discussion about additional student accommodation for some years, the options having been the campus itself next to the current hall of residence, in the centre of Palma or the old prison. Carot says that the available space - 8,000 square metres - has been decisive, as this is 3,000 more than on the campus.

Palma town hall owns the site. It will cede it to the university, and the regional government will pay for the work that will be needed. Half a million euros have already been allocated to the preparation of the preliminary project for conversion and redevelopment.