Regular criticisms of SFM management by the works council. | Archive

The works council at the SFM rail operator has denounced alleged overtime abuse to the government's employment inspectorate. This hasn't just occurred since the labour dispute started, the workers' representatives stating that an excess of overtime has been an "improvised solution and the only recourse that the company has had to mask the lack of personnel". The current conflict has meant that the situation has got worse. Overtime is being used "in an abusive way, eliminating practically all monthly rest for drivers and others".

The council points to 55-year-old workers who are continuously working overtime without weekly breaks, resulting in an "impairment of safety". Overtime information has repeatedly being asked for, so that the council "can know with certainty how much the limit is being exceeded and how many services are left uncovered".

"We know that overtime at SFM is grossly abusive and is directly linked to understaffing. Opacity prevails and reports are not sent."