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The Balearic health ministry's report for Wednesday indicates 1,162 new positive cases of coronavirus, the most for a single day since the pandemic started. There are 924 in Mallorca, 147 in Ibiza, 86 in Minorca and five in Formentera.

The 1,162 are 333 more than were reported on Tuesday - 631 in Mallorca, 100 in Minorca, 97 in Ibiza and one in Formentera. The test rate is 12.98%, whereas it was 10.92% on Tuesday. On Monday, with 588 cases, the rate was 12.9%. The seven-day positivity test rate is 12.35%.

The 14-day cumulative incidence in the Balearics is up from 673.8 to 719.7. The incidence in Mallorca is 734.4, up from 685.0; in Minorca 765.4, up from 738.2; in Ibiza 648.8, up from 609,2; in Formentera 134.4, up from 126.0. The seven-day incidence in the Balearics has risen from 321.3 to 348.0.

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On hospital wards, there is a further fall in the number of Covid patients. Down five on Tuesday, the total has come down by another five - Mallorca 223 (down five), Ibiza 15 and Minorca 13. In intensive care, where the Covid occupancy rate is classified as high risk and has gone up from 15.54% to 15.84%, there are 54 Covid patients in all - 46 in Mallorca, four in Minorca and four in Ibiza (up one).

Primary care is now monitoring 11,153 people in the Balearics, an increase of 735. In Mallorca, there are 9,059 people, an increase of 561.

Total case numbers have risen to 118,253. The number of deaths is 1,046.

As to vaccination, 943,975 people have had at least one dose (84.35% of the target population), an increase of 1,443, while 916,745 (81.92%) have had the complete course, 884 more.