José Hila speaking at Monday's presentation. | Ajuntament de Palma

In 2022 and 2023, 25 million euros will be spent on acquiring 59 new buses for Palma's EMT bus service. The second phase of the renewal of the city's bus fleet, the first of which involved the purchase of 100 buses, it will mean that 80% of the fleet will have been renewed.

Mayor José Hila explained on Monday that 48 buses running on natural gas will be bought. Of these, four will be eight-metre long mini buses and 44 will be high-capacity, 18-metre buses. There will also be five twelve-metre hydrogen-powered buses and six twelve-metre buses with batteries. The 25 million euros partly comprise a loan from the European Investment Bank. There is also regional and EU funding.

The councillor for mobility and president of EMT, Francesc Dalmau, said that these 59 new buses will allow the fleet to be expanded from 178 to 200 units. The average age of the fleet will also be reduced. Old buses will be removed from service and by the end of 2023 the average age will be five years. Until recently, it was 15.

Dalmau added that once the second phase is complete, diesel will be used by only 15 per cent of the buses.