Calls of a suicidal nature have soared.


Between January and November, the Teléfono de la Esperanza (Telephone of Hope) helpline in the Balearics received 219 calls of a suicidal nature. In 2020 there were 69 and in 2019 37.

In all, 4,833 people asked for help - almost double the number in 2020 (2,506) and approaching five times as many in 2019 (1,056). Sixty-one per cent of calls were from women; two-thirds were from people aged between 36 and 65; the average duration of calls was 12 minutes, but up to 25 minutes where was a suicidal theme.

Twenty-seven per cent had mental health problems. Of others, nine per cent were suffering from loneliness and isolation, and eight per cent from depression.

The charity says that the increase in calls reflects the emotional and mental damage caused by Covid and the need for people to ask for help.

Seven of the 219 calls of a suicidal nature came from people who had just committed an act to end their life. The charity is therefore stressing the need to have means that help save lives.

The number is 971 46 11 12. It is available 24 hours a day every day.


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Dr David / Hace 30 days

We as a health community (and community in general) are not giving this problem enough merit. The constant fear, constant change of rules, constant shaming and isolation are causing much greater harm at this point than the virus itself in it's current form. We must make a call to stop this madness.

I'd also call on your publication to start posting positive headlines - you can have a positive impact on those who have been afflicted with mental health issues by changing your headlines to the recent wins of lowered hospitalizations and deaths. Do it!