Ward patient numbers are fluctuating day by day.

The Balearic health ministry figures for Friday indicate 1,973 new positive cases of coronavirus, 27 fewer than on Thursday - Mallorca 1,460; Minorca 282; Ibiza 214; Formentera 17. Of the 2,000 cases on Thursday, there were 1,589 in Mallorca, 233 in Minorca, 147 in Ibiza and 31 in Formentera.

The test rate for the 1,973 cases is 23.18%. It was 24.05% on Thursday. For seven days (as of Thursday), the rate is 20.49%.

Incidence rates, and these are from Thursday, as they weren't posted until late (there are none for Friday) - Balearics 14-day cumulative incidence, 1,336.0; Mallorca 1,328.0; Minorca 1,438.7; Ibiza 1,358.8; Formentera 798.1. Seven-day incidence for the Balearics, 719.5.

On hospital wards, there are 235 Covid patients, a decrease of eight - Mallorca 205 (down nine), Ibiza 24 (plus one), Minorca six. There are no changes to intensive care unit patient numbers - a Covid occupancy rate of 17.89%, with 55 patients in Mallorca, three in Ibiza and also three in Minorca.

Primary care in the Balearics is monitoring 22,712 people, an increase of 1,937. In Mallorca the number is 18,350, an increase of 1,597.

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Total number of cases since the start of the pandemic is 133,123 and the number of deaths (unchanged) is 1,068.