The mountain refuges have become a way of leisure that allows one to be outdoors and far from the crowds. | PAM

The mountain refuges managed by the Institut Balear de la Natura (IBANAT) are registering high occupancy during the Christmas holidays, despite the fact that about 25% of bookings were cancelled due to the fear generated by the widespread outbreak of COVID-19.

At the beginning of December, the reservations reached 92 percent of the available places, according to sources of the Conselleria de Medi Ambient. In total, 314 users booked accommodation, but after last-minute cancellations there are finally around 230 users who will have spent between one and three nights in one of the nine available shelters.

Most of those who have decided to spend a few days of rest in the government refuges have chosen Binifaldó, the favourite, with 80 reservations (four groups of 20 people), followed by Lavanor, Binifaldó Petit and Casa dels Oguers, with 40 reservations each, while the shelter of Son Real has 32 reservations and another 30 in Alzina.

Meanwhile, the Cúber and sa Coma de Binifaldó, with less capacity, have 24 and 10 reservations respectively. Since the restrictions imposed by health regulations were lifted a few months ago, the refuges have registered a greater demand, as they have become a form of leisure suitable for all ages; and in the open air, therefore, with a lower risk of contagion compared to other leisure options.

The boom in this type of accommodation has also been registered in the network of shelters managed by the Consell de Mallorca, which have seen their bookings multiply throughout 2021, since its reopening first in March with restrictions, and from October 1, at one hundred percent of its capacity. In fact, in November some of the six shelters of the Consell reached their historical maximums. The most chosen by users were Tossals Verds and Son Amer, while the facilities of Es Pont Romà and Can Boi, in Pollença and Deià respectively, have also seen their bookings multiply in the last three months of the year, including the Christmas holidays.