The President visited the new Espai Francesc Quetglas vaccination centre in Palma

The President visited the new Espai Francesc Quetglas vaccination centre in Palma

10-01-2022Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The President of the Balearics, Francina Armengol, has once again encouraged people to get vaccinated against covid-19 and warned of the danger of not doing so: "A person who is not vaccinated has more risks and you only have to look at the wards of our hospitals and the people who unfortunately end up in intensive care," she said today.

"The percentage of unvaccinated people is much higher and much younger than those who are vaccinated," she added about the current healthcare situation in the Balearic Islands, during a visit to the Francesc Quetglas area, which opened as a vaccination centre today.

The president said that "a vaccinated person, if they get the covid, gets it with less risk, gets over it more quickly and with fewer after-effects, which is important".

Armengol visited the mass child vaccination centre that has been set up in the afternoons at the Espai Francesc Quetglas in Palma "to remind people of the need for vaccination", where she especially invited children between the ages of 5 and 11 to get vaccinated.

"They should take advantage of this right that we have on the islands, which is an immense blessing, because not everyone has the chance to get vaccinated free of charge and with the kindness that our health staff provide," she said.

Armengol insisted that "being vaccinated is a very high level of protection against the terrible disease of covid-19 and is the only individual and collective way of overcoming this disease".

To those who have not yet been vaccinated, the President of the Balearic Islands asked them to reflect "out of individual responsibility, for themselves and to protect the rest of the population".


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Rich / Hace 15 days

While groups of the vaccinated can themselves spawn new variants the unvaccinated are more likely to. The odds are that omicold was born from the unvaxxed. All I can say is "you're welcome".


Rich / Hace 15 days

For all its efficacy you might just as well be injected with saline solution. Omricold presents difficulties to governments as they try to maintain their 100% control of the population. They know that post vaccine their jobs are no longer theirs.


Jerry / Hace 15 days

@Fred has some anger issues - they should make a vaccine for that!


Fred / Hace 15 days

As for you Variant you disgust me you piece of cr@p. Novaxx is a star is he? Parading around with scores of people on Dec 17 one day after testing positive for Covid and now proven to have been in Spain on New Years day when he said he hadnt left his home country. What a role model. Kick the lying Serbian scumbag out of Australua now.


Fred / Hace 15 days

Is it just me or is James as thick as pig s#it? Bet the guy is a big pu$$y in real life. As for Dorottya, please don't comment when you can't write properly.


Johnny / Hace 15 days

@roger how can you say something like that? It's very offending against people who has gone through the COVID with a lot of problems man. And isn't the while point that we vaccinate people that are worried and the risk groups so they are immune? Or have I missed something with the vaccine?


Johnny / Hace 15 days

Ah the joy of seeing some of you actually thinking. By the way I saw a guy the other day with a mask in his own car alone. That's really good!


Rich / Hace 15 days

Show me the Pfizer papers now. Remember the pentagon papers, a government out of control. I bet the contents revealed would've been considered a conspiracy theory before they were published.


Varant / Hace 16 days

The muppet show continues…even in 2022. Hopefully people will wake up and smell the roses; and the smell is not that great! Luckily there are still people like Novaxx who is setting a brilliant example down under as to what even a single voice/individual can do against this global madness and tyranny.


James / Hace 16 days

@Roger. I'll sleep tonight better now. I'll get right down into the sheep line for my shot in the morning. And get injected with an experimental toxin, for a virus my body has already fought off quite easily. I might add due to the fact I'm fit and healthy, not clinically obese, smoke or have any Co morbidities. Omicron is a cold. We don't need a vaccine for a cold. Especially one that only works for 8 weeks.