National Police in Palma, Mallorca

The police called in the fire brigade to gain entrance to the property.

11-01-2022Pere Bota

On Sunday, the National Police arrested three 19-year-old males, who had arrived in Mallorca on January 3 by migrant boat.

Around 11pm on Sunday, the police were alerted by a resident in the Foners district of Palma, who said that a property had been broken into by individuals who had climbed a lamppost and gained entrance via the top floor.

Police officers called in the Palma Fire Brigade and used a fire engine ladder to enter the building. Once inside, two of the three resisted arrest and had to be restrained. As they were being brought out, a resident recognised one of them as having been the person who had attempted, with violence, to steal his phone earlier that day.

It transpired that two of the three had committed a robbery on January 7 and had been detained by Palma police. One had been arrested on January 4 for having "skippered" the migrant boat.

The three were charged with attempted robbery, including with violence, and assaulting a law enforcement officer.


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John / Hace 12 days

They were given a fair chance, more than we could hope for in a foreign country... Sorry ....DEPORTATION!


Adam / Hace 12 days

These people have no respect for the rule of LAW and have to be deported and documented as causing acts of violence and Theft and need to be deported back to wherever they came from and not permitted to travel to Europe or Spain for 10 years minimum , Sorry but there has to be consequences for this type of behaviour !


Fred / Hace 13 days

And yet there are still people who openly want to let in more of these migrants to Mallorca. Unbelievable.