One of the courtrooms used during the trial. | EUROPA PRESS

The Provincial Court of the Balearic Islands will continue today the macro trial against different drug trafficking clans in Mallorca, with 25 defendants in the dock after 47 others reached agreements with the prosecution on Monday.

Originally the Prosecutor's Office asked for sentences that, together, totalled 490 and a half years in prison, and fines from 1,200 euros to 1.2 million, for crimes of drug trafficking and membership of a criminal group. However, the final count will be lower since the defendants who have signed agreements and acknowledged the facts have had their prison sentences reduced.

The large number of participants, including defendants, lawyers and justice personnel, obliged the Court to hold the trial with the simultaneous use of several courtrooms. The public, including the press, was not allowed to enter. The trial is expected to last for weeks.

This Monday the hearing forced to mount a police security device in the vicinity of the building.


The Public Prosecutor's Office maintains that the defendants were involved in the sale of drugs for several years until they were arrested after an investigation by the Guardia Civil.

The investigators found that these people, related to different drug trafficking clans, were integrated into groups that operated both within their own circles and in connections with each other. Thus, the Prosecutor's Office points to the 'Carmen clan', headed by the matriarch, C. S. H., with the help of her sister and daughters, and in which several of the accused were integrated. The Public Prosecutor's Office claims that they ran different points of sale of cocaine, heroin, marijuana and hashish in Palma.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, several of its members maintained contact with members of the 'Clan of Andujar', based in Son Banya, to supply themselves with drugs. At the head of this clan is C.A.M., and he claims that he gave instructions to his wife from the prison in Palma to lead the organisation.

In addition, the Prosecutor's Office also points out members of the 'clan of Eva', the 'clan of Moreno', 'the clan of Seco' and the 'clan of Pitillo' were within this structure of contacts. The prosecutor details that, with this network, the activity of the clans covered not only Palma but also other municipalities such as Inca, Algaida and Marratxí.

One of the accused faces a crime of assault for lunging, during a search, against an agent of the Guardia Civil with a knife, which hit the protection shield. The suspect took refuge in a room of the house, from which he finally came out wielding the weapon, but the Guardia Civil managed to subdue him.

Several defendants also face an additional conviction for weapons possession. A nine millimetre pistol was seized, which one of the defendants had given to another of the defendants before fleeing to Albacete, where he was arrested; and simulated weapons of prohibited possession were also found in house searches.