This week’s Facebook automatic translation award goes to Buger town hall. | E.B.

This week’s Facebook automatic translation award goes to Búger town hall and the mayor, Pere Torrens, in particular.

“Hello,” said Pere on Wednesday. Having been asked by residents whether there could be bonfires for Sant Antoni, the mayor usefully cited Balearic government Official Bulletin stuff regarding the bonfires and explained that the town hall would not be arranging its own bonfire and that it could not authorise anyone to have a bonfire on the streets of the municipality. That was the regulation for everywhere.

Which was all fair enough and also unalarming in an FB translation sense. Until, it came to the sign-off, which in Catalan read “Pere Torrens, batle de Búger!”

You could perhaps have already guessed how this might all end. Not very well. Alas for the mayor, it was - “Pere Torrens, look at the bugger!”

As Pere was noted as being “Mayor of Bugger” at the end of a lengthy explanation regarding the application of the Covid passport in bars, the town hall may just consider getting in touch with Facebook and seeing if they can somehow avoid turning Búger into what everyone recognises can be a somewhat unfortunate anglicisation but which doesn’t need to be spelt out - every time.