Francina Armengol in parliament on Tuesday. | Jaume Morey

In the Balearic parliament on Tuesday, the spokesperson for the opposition Partido Popular, Antoni Costa, accused the government of having presented a non-existent and "phantom" tourism law at the Fitur fair in Madrid. "They only had the title and four ideas."

The government, he added, claimed that absolutely everything had been agreed upon. "Two days later, everyone said that they hadn't even read the first page." Hoteliers, the small to medium-sized business sector, even the island councils in Ibiza and Formentera were uninformed. "They found out about it through the press", while government partner parties were left "open-mouthed".

Directing his comments at President Armengol, Costa stated that "you hadn't agreed anything with the sector or with anyone". He stressed that the PP support reform of tourism legislation and circularity in the tourism system. "But we do not agree with impositions or prohibitions. Rather, we do agree with incentive policies. If you want to work seriously for consensus for the tourism law, then here we are. If you want to continue making a fool of yourself, find someone else."

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Armengol responded by saying that Costa's arguments were "ridiculous". New regulations were announced at Fitur with the knowledge of employers, unions and the Spanish government. In order that the Balearics continue to be a tourism leader, "we have to think about tourism circularity". "This is what we are looking to do with new tourism regulations we are agreeing with business and unions."

The president questioned whether the PP support regulation that will make the islands "a point of reference for tourism circularity" and will also take into account the situation of hotel workers. "What is important is that there will be progress in tourism regulations. You will not be part of this, as you are always on the sidelines of everything."

"We will make tourism an economic activity that has a positive impact in terms of environmental circularity and on workers. It will be innovative, and we will continue to be leaders at an international level. We will do so based on consensus and dialogue, as the Balearic government."