Work is badly needed in Palma's busiest square. | Jaume Morey


On Tuesday, Palma's Historical Centre Commission delivered a favourable report for the planned improvements to the Plaça Espanya. The commission has asked for more information regarding material for paving, but otherwise the work is now set to go ahead.

The existing structure and shape of the square will be maintained. The areas by the statue of Jaume I and for the trees will not be changed. Emphasis has been placed on the fountain, as it creates problems in lifting the surface. Improvements will be made to the fountain, the paving will be changed and made more resistant, and drainage and sewage pipes will be renewed.

All the work is expected to take sixteen months, but bidding contractors will benefit if they can guarantee shorter periods. The square is Palma's busiest, and businesses will be affected. There will not, for instance, be any bar terraces while the work is being carried out.

The surface will have to be raised in order to renew the pipes, which will be separated as part of the efforts to avoid discharges into the bay of Palma. Adjacent streets will also be affected as a result.

The work is to be tendered for three million euros, a sixth of this amount coming from the Emaya municipal services agency's budget and the rest from the infrastructure department.