Union complaints about pressure at the hospitals are common. | Archive

On Tuesday, 54 patients were awaiting admission to Son Espases, while another 30 were in emergencies, waiting for a bed at Son Llàtzter.

Carolina Pérez, representative of the doctors union at Son Espases, says that every time the hospital is at full capacity, emergencies are overwhelmed on Tuesdays. This is because, she says, there are no operations over the weekends. On Mondays, beds are reserved for patients having operations. This is organised "well", because there is such a long waiting list. However, patients who arrive in emergencies "have to pay for it".

At Son Llàtzer on Tuesday, there was no more room in emergencies. These were patients with various complaints, many of them elderly, some with Covid.

Dr. Pérez adds that these are patients who need to be admitted to wards, while she notes that on Tuesday morning there were ten patients in seating areas. "If these people have a problem, they don't have a nurse or doctor to take responsibility because they shouldn't be in these areas. This causes us great concern."