ICU at Son Llàtzer. | Teresa Ayuga

The Balearic health ministry has reported eleven more deaths due to Covid. The total since the start of the pandemic has therefore risen to 1,157. Information as to when these deaths were has not been given as yet.

The Friday report indicates that the number of Covid patients on wards has come down by 19 to 377 - Mallorca 280 (-20), Ibiza 80 (+1), Minorca 17. In intensive care units, the Covid occupancy rate is 22.58%, 77 patients, down two - Mallorca 66 (-1), Ibiza eight (-1), Minorca three.

The 14-day cumulative incidence rates are all down - Balearics 2248.7 from 2401.0; Mallorca 2071.7 from 2198.7; Ibiza 2823.6 from 3124.6; Minorca 3155.6 from 3316.6; Formentera 1192.9 from 1318.9. However, the seven-day incidence in the Balearics is up slightly - from 757.4 to 762.8.

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The daily number of new positives is 1,357, 55 fewer than on Thursday - Mallorca 1,019, Minorca 140, Ibiza 138, Formentera eight. The decrease is most notable in Minorca, where 203 new cases were reported on Thursday. For the other islands on Thursday, the figures were Mallorca 1,014, Ibiza 119, Formentera eight.

The test rate for the 1,357 cases is 26.54%, up from Thursday's 25%. The seven-day positivity test rate is down from 27.12% to 25,46%.

The numbers of primary care cases continue to show considerable daily differences. For the Balearics, there are 17,613 people being monitored, an increase of 1,147 from Thursday, when a fall of 3,649 was reported. For Mallorca, there are 13,979, an increase of 1,019.

Vaccination - With at least one dose, 984,952, 88.01% of the target population and 248 more than on Thursday. The complete course, 942,232, 84.20% and 296 more.