The Balearic health ministry's Saturday report points to a further notable fall in Covid hospitalisations. The number of Covid patients on wards is down by 21 to 242. While a decrease of just one was reported on Friday, the decrease was 36 on Thursday. Over three days, therefore, there has been a fall of just under 20%. Mallorca currently has 177 patients (14 fewer than Friday), Ibiza has 55 (-6) and Minorca ten (-1).

The ICU Covid occupancy rate is the same as on Friday, 14.9% - Mallorca 36 patients, Ibiza eight, Minorca seven.

According to the Saturday report, the figure for primary care cases in the Balearics has gone up by 460 to 5,723, which seems a bit odd. This could be an error. For Mallorca, the number is down 185 to 4,163.

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The number of new positive cases is 390, 93 fewer than on Friday - Mallorca 320 (383 on Friday); Minorca 35 (57); Ibiza 21 (26); Formentera zero (one); plus unspecified. The test rate is 12.99%. It was 15.2% on Friday, and the seven-day rate is down from 15.76% to 15.38%.

The 14-day cumulative incidence rates are again all down - Balearics 839.8 from 908.1; Mallorca 877.1 from 941.8; Minorca 789.4 from 881.4; Ibiza 660.0 from 739.0; Formentera 680.4 from 697.2. The seven-day incidence in the Balearics is down from 317.3 to 296.8.

The ministry has reported one more death. The total is 1,210.

The vaccination. With at least one dose there are 987,820 people, 88.27% of the target population. Since last Saturday (February 12), this total has risen by 958. For the complete course, it has gone up by 4,705 over the past week - 950,592 people and 84.94% of the target population.