Bashkim Osmani and his brother Burim.


Some of the world´s leading gangster bosses met on Mallorca at least 10 times, according to police who are still investigating alleged crime boss Bashkim Osmani. According to police he presided over his organised crime empire from his luxury Camp de Mar villa.

Police forces from across the globe, including the FBI and DEA from the U.S. and Britain´s National Crime Agency, were involved in his arrest this week on Mallorca.

The "summits" have come to light law enforcement agencies continue to investigate his multi-million euro empire. Police believe that international crime bosses met at luxury hotels on the island to discuss their future strategies and how they could work together. Infact, one such meeting coincided with a summit of international police bosses whose job is to tackle organised crime!

Bashkim Osmani and his gang are accused of laundering million of euros of illicit cash through various businesses across the island.