Norwegian planes in Palma. | Efe


A delegation from Mallorca is in Denmark and Norway this week to reinforce tourism promotion, a principal theme of which will be Mallorca as a sustainable destination.

The Council of Mallorca's director of tourism, Lucía Escribano, the manager of the Mallorca Transport Consortium, Maarten van Bemmelen, and the president of the Mallorca Hoteliers Business Federation, María Frontera will be meeting tour operators and talking with the media in Denmark and Norway and also holding a videoconference with tour operators in Sweden.

Scandinavia has typically been Mallorca's third largest foreign tourism market after Germany and the UK. However, there was a decline prior to the pandemic. In 2019, the number of Scandinavian tourists fell by some 20% to 728,000. Reasons for this were unfavourable exchange rates, which made non-EU destinations - Egypt and Turkey most notably - more attractive, while issues with the low-cost airline Norwegian affected connectivity.

Different airlines are now operating routes, and the Council of Mallorca is responding to interest in Mallorca as a sustainable destination. The councillor for tourism, Andreu Serra, says that there are positive signs for being able to recoup the numbers of tourists that were lost in 2019. "This is the right moment to launch a broadside in terms of promotion."