The Covid hotel in Palma may be used. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The Balearic Minister for Social Affairs, Fina Santiago, today announced that the government, the island councils and local authorities have set aside 162 rooms for Ukrainian refugees.

However, she said that as the war continues, that figure will more than likely increase because more and more residents in the Balearics are coming forward offering accommodation for Ukrainian children and families.

The majority of the rooms are in the social housing properties run by the Ministry for Social Affairs in Arenal and Son Rapinya while at least 30 have been offered by local families who have connections with families in Ukraine.

The government has also agreed to use the Covid hotel in Palma as a temporary base for refugees until they can be provided with more suitable and longer-term accommodation.

In the meantime, the Ministry for Immigration in Madrid has issued orders to all of its offices across Spain to prioritise helping Ukrainians residing in Spain with their paperwork and to assist all new arrivals.

Santiago said that the Balearics will fully comply with the European Union directive to provide an immediate safe haven to any displaced Ukrainians.
At the moment, there are nine Ukrainians trapped in Mallorca.

They are a group of cyclists and a family member who were due to have returned to Ukraine.
They are expected to be housed in a hotel until a more suitable solution is found.