José Hila, the current mayor of Palma. | Jaume Morey


Latest opinion polling by the Balearic Institute of Social Studies indicates that the left-wing pact that currently runs Palma town hall would lose its majority if an election were to be held now.

The poll gives the combination of PSOE, Més and Podemos twelve of the 29 council seats; there are currently fifteen. PSOE sees its nine drop to six, while Més and Podemos both maintain their three.

Of the opposition parties, the Partido Popular climb from six to nine and Vox from three to seven. Ciudadanos fall from four to one. This suggests that a hypothetical coalition between the PP and Vox could be formed - the majority is 15.

Where PSOE are concerned, the share of the vote would be 20.1%, whereas it was 26.5% at the 2019 election. This share has also fallen since the last poll in October 2021, when it was 22.2%. The PP's share is up from 18.6% in 2019 to 26.8%, with Vox up from 13.1% to 20.6%.

Asked which candidate they would prefer as the next mayor, 8.2% opted for the current mayor, José Hila of PSOE. He was behind Fulgencio Coll of Vox and one-time Balearic tourism minister, Jaime Martínez of the PP, who both scored 11.6%.

The actual election will be on May 28, 2023.