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EasyJet's CEO in southern Europe, Javier Gándara, says that the airline will not be adjusting its fares, despite the increase in fuel prices.

There will still be "very cheap" fares for the summer because the airline has some 60% of its kerosene needs covered until September. These are assured at a price that is around half of what is currently being paid. Kerosene accounts for some 25 to 30% of the airline's costs.

Gándara hopes, therefore, that the impact of rising prices for this summer will be "minor". Nevertheless, he accepts that the longer-term situation could become volatile.

With prospects for the UK tourism market in Spain very good this summer, Gándara is urging the Spanish government to revise its current travel regulations - one of which is the Covid passport.

Also the president of the ALA airlines association in Spain, Gándara is calling for there to be sufficient numbers of National Police officers at airports so that there is no lengthy queuing at passport controls. He is concerned by sensationalist images in the British media that could make holidaymakers choose to go elsewhere.