He had escaped from Son Espases psychiatric unit some months before. | Miquel À. Cañellas

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, police had to close the motorway by the Son Llàtzer Hospital in Palma because a patient was on the road.

Described as a "giant bodybuilder", he had earlier gone to a supermarket in Palma, which had fired him on Monday. He started smashing things up and threatened anyone who tried to stop him. Several National Police officers went to the scene and managed to calm him down.

He was then taken to Son Llàtzer but wasn't under arrest as the value of the damage he had caused had yet to be ascertained. After some hours, he escaped and ran onto the motorway. Because of his sheer size and power, it took a dozen police officers to eventually restrain him. He was then placed under arrest for endangering road safety, causing injury and damage, issuing threats and resisting law enforcement officers.

Some months ago, he escaped from the Son Espases Hospital psychiatric wing. His use of anabolic steroids and a bipolar condition make him an extremely dangerous person when he is off medical treatment. He apparently stopped taking medication at the hospital and became highly agitated, kicking down the door to the psychiatric unit and managing to rip automatic doors open before disappearing from the hospital.

He was later picked up by the police when a health centre notified them. He had gone to the health centre with bloodied hands.