The president of the CAEB restaurants association, Alfonso Robledo, with the mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodríguez, the tourism minister, Iago Negueruela, and the Council of Mallorca's tourism councillor, Andreu Serra.

Ola Magaluf is the name of an initiative led by the restaurants association within the CAEB Confederation of Balearic Business Associations, which aims to provide "an image of excellence and quality of service", improve coexistence, safety and cleanliness and promote pride of belonging in Magaluf. This exercise brings together bars, restaurants, shops, nightlife, hotels and public authorities in seeking to be the reference brand for national and foreign tourists and tour operators.

The president of the association, Alfonso Robledo, said at a Friday presentation that "we want everyone to recognise that tourism excess, drunken tourism, is a thing of the past and has no place in Magaluf". "That business model is over, it's not viable and we don't want it. The time has come to transform."

The brand will promote best practice, respect for the environment and coexistence between residents, business and visitors. Robledo added: "It's not a case of good or bad businesspeople. There are those who have understood that that model is dead and that it is time for change, and there are others who have resisted because they fear change. We want to help them to take the step."

Robledo cited the hotel group Meliá as an example of pioneering transformation, and he encouraged all restaurants, nightlife, retail and other establishments that have not yet done so to join the new brand, as it aspires "to make Magaluf what it deserves to be - an emblematic holiday destination in Mallorca".

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The initiative has the full backing of Calvia town hall, the Council of Mallorca and the Balearic government. The mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodríguez, said that he has been working for years to make Magaluf an example of resort conversion. "Accommodation, restaurants, shops ... the entire tourist chain, and we are achieving this. We will continue to work on this because the image is still stigmatised. But the fact that there are businesspeople who, based on business integrity, decide to get together and take a serious and decisive step for quality is very important."

The Council of Mallorca's tourism councillor, Andreu Serra, said that institutions and business are working together for "a positive development of the Magaluf brand at an international level". Tourism minister Iago Negueruela pointed to "very significant" private investment that has been made in Magaluf, a resort that is also receiving public investment "and will have more thanks to the Next Generation funds". "We have to banish certain images and together we are managing to do so."

A flagship element of Ola Magaluf will be a hippy market, inspired by the Las Dalias market in Ibiza. To be launched in May, there will be a market from Thursdays to Sundays. This market will be a place where "anything can happen", but will be far removed from the image of alcohol and excess.

In addition, Ola Magaluf will promote sustainable tourism. With the help of Coca-Cola, Magaluf will be a pioneer in the implementation of the "hospitality for the climate" programme in Mallorca, so that bars and restaurants are benchmarks for environmental management.