Lufthansa responding to high demand for Mallorca.


Lufthansa will be operating a Boeing 747-8 Jumbo on the Frankfurt to Palma route this coming Saturday. This is in response to huge demand for Mallorca coinciding with the start of Easter holidays in most of Germany's regions from Monday next week; the Easter holidays in three of the Länder started this Monday.

The DRV travel association in Germany is highlighting the great demand for the island, indicating that Mallorca's safety - at a time of conflict in Ukraine - has encouraged bookings to increase in recent weeks.

The Lufthansa group, through its subsidiaries Eurowings, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Swiss, as well as TUI Fly and airlines operating in the German and British markets, will be registering a great deal of flight activity in Mallorca over Easter.

TUI have suggested on several occasions that the Balearics are going to have an "historic" season, and data for March and April confirm this. In March, the number of German visitors to Mallorca was higher than in March 2019.