The lane will be from the airport. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


The Council of Mallorca will be introducing the first high-occupancy vehicle lane on Mallorca's roads later this year. It will run for 4.24 kilometres from the airport exit to Portitxol in Palma.

Use of this lane, which will be clearly marked, will be prohibited to cars with one person and to vehicles weighing more than 3,500 kilos, as set out by the state regulations for this type of lane. This means that while van drivers will be able to use the lane, it will be off-limits to heavy goods vehicles.

Cars with two or more people will be able to use the lane as will cars with a V-15 disability sign as well as buses and coaches, motorbikes, taxis and emergency vehicles.

At present, 66% of cars have just the one person - the driver. The councillor for mobility Iván Sevillano, suggests that if this can be reduced by 20%, the lane will be a success. It will come into operation once the National Road Safety Council approves it. If it is not possible to introduce the lane before June, it will wait until the autumn.